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Ep. 41: Your Story in the Ideas You Put Out There with Justin Schmidt

http://missingpiecegroup.com Justin Schmidt is a publicist for Missing Piece Group, an agency that works with artists on a variety of services, including PR/publicity, artist management, digital marketing, and more. As part of his work with musicians, and being a musician/songwriter himself, he shares his perspective of how the story and the ideas the artist puts …

Ep. 40: Be Your Own Vehicle for Your Voice with Brittany Spanos

http://rollingstone.com Brittany Spanos, writer for Rolling Stone magazine, was inspired by the movie “Almost Famous” when she was young, so clearly it’s no surprise that her music career trajectory led her to one of the most iconic music magazines in the world. Brittany’s interest in music writing and music history led her to NYU, where …

Ep. 39: Serial Music Entrepreneurship and Innovation with Dae Bogan

  http://daeboganmusic.com Dae Bogan describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur” – a description that is very apt and also very nimble, truly an invaluable quality that’s sorely needed to keep up with the twists and turns of the music industry. Dae Bogan walks us through his music career trajectory, starting with childhood as a singer/performer …