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Ep. 49: Stand in Your Truth and Look Ahead with Eric “Boots” Greene

http://instagram.com/bootsgreenemusic Eric “Boots” Greene has been drumming since the age of 2, and has been blessed with the gift of music ever since he can remember. From performing in his family’s church to teaching himself keyboards, instruments and learning “The Wiz” entirely by ear, Boots had a profound talent for music and knew he was …

Ep. 48: The Marriage of Music and Tech with Jongnic Bontemps

http://bontempsmusic.com With over a decade of experience in the tech landscape as a software developer and entrepreneur, Jongnic Bontemps has an intimate knowledge of the marriage of music and tech, especially in today’s music industry. Jongnic has made a name for himself as a prolific and sought-after film composer, scoring for features, documentaries, shorts, VR, …

Ep. 47: Understanding the Music Business with Ben McLane

http://benmclane.com Ben C. McLane, Esq, has had decades of experience working with bands and artists, first working as an artist manager during college before going on to get his law degree and immersing himself in all things related to music business and music law as an attorney. He has written hundreds of articles, won awards …