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Ep. 24: Music Licensing as a Growth Area with Diana LaPointe

sonymusic.com Diana LaPointe, Senior Director, Music Licensing at Sony Music Entertainment, knows a thing or two about content. She’s watched the explosive growth of content platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu from the front row, and how the need for music (and music licensing) has transformed the music industry landscape into a growth area. Diana …

Ep. 22: Creating New Experiences for Artists and Fans with Vicky Wang

www.sofarsounds.com Vicky Wang, Los Angeles Director of Sofar Sounds, loves being part of an innovative music experience for artists and music fans alike.  In this week’s episode, Vicky shares her journey from Texas to Los Angeles and joining Sofar Sounds, first in Chicago and then in Los Angeles. A veteran of pr and marketing, Vicky …