Hey, How’d You Get That Music Job??? Podcast…

Is all about careers in the music industry. But, it’s much more than that.

Sure, I interview artists, singer/songwriters, musicians, and producers, but I also talk to the managers, the marketers, music supervisors, promoters, club owners – all the movers and shakers who make music their livelihood and their passion.

In this podcast, you’ll:
-hear about the career paths of talented, successful players in the industry

-discover the latest trends and insider info about the state of the business today

-learn how to think outside the box and create opportunities for success

-get invaluable tips, advice and more from the industry’s rising stars

If you’re just starting out in music, contemplating a career in music, or hell, just looking for a roadmap to the Next Big Thing, join me each week for good chat, good tunes, and some damn good inspiration!