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Ep. 31: Creating Successful Entrepreneurship in Music and the Arts with Astrid Baumgardner

astridbaumgardner.com Astrid Baumgardner has dedicated her career to empowering and inspiring musicians (and all creatives!) to be their best selves, not only as artists but as successful entrepreneurs. During this episode Astrid walks us through her musical beginnings as a talented pianist, pursuing law and working as a lawyer in New York City, what convinced …

Ep. 30: Being of Service in the New Music Landscape with J. Michael Dolan

jmichaeldolan.com J. Michael Dolan is a published, prolific author and blogger, a professional musician, a successful entrepreneur, a veteran of the entertainment industry, and the founder of Music Connection magazine. But what Michael shares on this episode is about the business of happiness, commitment, being of service and navigating the new music industry landscape with …