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Ep. 34: Creating New Communities and Venues for Live Performance with James Beshara

airbnb.com/concerts James Beshara, Global Head of Airbnb Concerts and an electronic music artist, understands the intimate connection that is forged between musician and fan. As a product designer and entrepreneur, James previously co-founded Tilt.com, a social payment, crowd-funding app, which many artists and music fans used to fund concerts in new locations or add additional …

Ep. 33: Exploring Tech, Business, Creativity and Disruption with Gigi Johnson

gigijohnson.net Dr. Gigi Johnson, Inaugural Director of UCLA’s Center for Music Innovation, has taken an unconventional route when it comes to a career in music.  A gifted singer and creative, she has performed and released music all while pursuing a film production degree at USC, an MBA, a PhD in education change/media studies, starting her …

Ep. 32: Applying Business Sense to a Music Career with Scott Hawksworth

audioskills.com Scott Hawksworth has always loved music, but he made the “practical” choice to get a business degree in college. After working at several businesses, he realized he missed his creative calling; utilizing all of his business experience, he decided to create an online business for producers and musicians. AudioSkills.com is now a burgeoning community …